Dance Cart and Adjustable Strap --- $125
Shipping only $15 in USA
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Want flexibility and use less space in the
 dressing area?  

Don't want a large cumbersome bag?

  • Made in USA


Satisfied Customer:

I used my cart for the first time last weekend. I don’t know how I ever managed all those years of dance competitions without it (10 years’ worth!) I was able to place all of my daughter’s dance costumes, accessories, lunch bags, and her dance bag on it and just roll it into the dressing room, set it up and go. It didn’t take up the space that all of those large bags take up. I was able to set up our own little corner closet with everything that was needed. This cart is so versatile that it can be used for everything! We used it to bring props in and out of the venue! Strong and sturdy. Thank you so much!

Carol from Missouri